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These are the Terms of Use for the photography you find on my website:

If you use my image or images the image must always be marked with the following,
„Copyright by Benedikt Bös – ParamotorGermany.com.“
You must report to me where the image gets published or used. If you use one of my images on the internet please send me a link to where you used said image.
A link to my blog where you use my image would be appreciated, I will also publish your website in my blog if you request.

You must obtain written permission before you use photos for commercial purposes. If commercial use is requested, I will send you the requested pictures in original resolution and without a copyright notice watermark.

On my website you will find a yellow „Spenden“( which means Donation) button on the right side. Please use this to reward me with a donation for using my photographs for commercial purposes. I will donate one third of the amount to „Rollis für Afrika e.V.“ (non-profit organisation „wheelchairs for africa“) and the „DKMS Delete Blood Cancer“.
You can also contact me for other payment methods. Alternatively, you can reward me with materials; I will share my contact information with you for this.
A deal can be worked out and I would even take a discount on your products for exchange of using my photography.

Anyone who has ever taken photography knows how much work it is and how much money you have to invest in equipment.
Therefore, I ask you to examine your conscience and remain fair.

I had to set up these rules because unfortunately there have already been images used commercially without my consent.

Thank you for your time.
Best Regards and always happy landings

Benedikt Bös – ParamotorGermany.com

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