Midweek Bivouac Flight

A friend asked me if I want to join a little midweek Bivouac flight. So I took of Monday evening and met Werner in the air. Together we flew to Mittelfischach where we met our friend Leesoarer. They are both Flyke Pilots so I got a ride to Bühlertann where we find a place to … Midweek Bivouac Flight weiterlesen

150 FAI-Triangle

Friday evening I checked the weather/wind forecast and decided I have to do a XC Saturday morning. It was already quite late, but I bought/mixed fuel and drove to the airfield where I slept in my bus. Don't know why my alarm didn't work in the morning, thats the reason why I missed Sunrise, but little … 150 FAI-Triangle weiterlesen


That moment when you can't feel your finger tips and you know it will hurt like hell when they get warm again - but for a view like this its absolutely worth it! Wish you all a great sunday Yours Bene - ParamotorGermany.com   Der Moment wo du deine Fingerspitzen nicht mehr spürst, und du … Winterflug weiterlesen

Polini Thor 80 First Flights

https://youtu.be/HABxbRvSLjY First flights with a brand new Polini Thor80 (water cooled) end of October Einfliegen eines nagelneuen Polini Thor80 (wassergekühlt) Ende Oktober diesen Jahres. Chassis: Kangook Trekk Harness: Apco Split leg Glider: BGD Luna22


What's your tip for a perfect launch? Mine is "stand straight" and be selfconfident 🙂 Was ist dein Geheimtipp für einen perfekten Start? Für mich sind die 2 wichtigsten Punkte "aufrecht laufen" und Selbstbewusstsein 🙂 Damit kommt man eigentlich immer in die Luft 😀