That moment when you can't feel your finger tips and you know it will hurt like hell when they get warm again - but for a view like this its absolutely worth it! Wish you all a great sunday Yours Bene -   Der Moment wo du deine Fingerspitzen nicht mehr spürst, und du … Winterflug weiterlesen

Soaring Waldstetten, Germany

I am really happy that Benni asked me to follow him to Waldstetten yesterday afternoon. I never thought its possible to fly like this with this covered sky. The takeoff in Waldstetten is a small gap in the forest on a only 40m high hill. You need wind exactly from North-East, otherwise its to dangerous … Soaring Waldstetten, Germany weiterlesen

Freeflying October 2014

In beginning of October 2014 I've been in the Lechtal, Austria to do some free flying. Saturday the weather conditions have been great, I made new friends and just had a great time. I climbed to the cloudbase and enjoyed the stunning landscape! Thermals have been a bit rough in some places but I felt … Freeflying October 2014 weiterlesen

Wingmount with Lens Protection

I always wanted to make a magnetic Wingmount as small and light as possible. This is the reason why I designed it for only Hero3 without the housing. The actual Wingmount is less than 150 gramms including the GoPro Hero3. I never had any problems cause the Wingmount was always landing in the glider, but many people … Wingmount with Lens Protection weiterlesen

Besuch bei der Flugschule Remstal

Heute war ich mal wieder am Übungshang der Flugschule Remstal und habe sowohl ein paar Fotos als auch 3 Flüge mit dem Bruce Goldsmith Design Luna gemacht, der sowohl vorwärts als auch rückwärts sehr leicht zu starten war. Unten gibts noch ein kurzes Video, gefilmt mit der Wingmount by =)

Paramotor Infinity Tumbling by Manu Malaguita

Awesome Paramotor ACRO with Manu Malaguita Tejeiro last week. Never seen something like this before! He tested my Wingmount with all the Maneuvers, Infinity Tumbling, MistyFlip, Sat, Helico, Fullstall, Wingover... Have Fun!!! If you like it share  with all your friends =) Manu MALAGUITA on Facebook and