2014-03 Svanstein Paramotor Meeting – Sweden

First I have to say, sorry for my english, I decided not to write german so more people can read this report. For more questions feel free to contact me.


My trip to the north started 5.30am in Thursday morning.
I travelled with the train to the airport and took the SAS plane from Stuttgart via Copenhage via Stockholm to Lulea where Tommy’s family picked me up to drive to Svanstein. We crossed the polar circle and arrived in the evening at the Svanstein Ski Resort. I got a room at the Lodge and met the first pilots from Sweden and Norway. After talking about flying till 12pm I was really tired and sleep very well.

After a good breakfast at Friday morning we where driving to the lake and Patrik (one of the organizer) directly offered me to borrow a Instinct HighLine 230 to make my first Flight in the Polar Circle.DSC_0143
The weather was perfect and I did a nice reverse launch with my Bruce Goldsmith Design Luna in low wind. In Germany we had only 2 days little snow, so it was great to see the white landscape.
IMG_6608I did some flights with the Instinct 230 and 1 with the Instinct LightLine 160 (thanks to TOBE2 =) ). The frozen lake where we takeoff was only 1km away of the river which is also the border between Sweden and Finnland but it’s not allowed to cross the border in the air without registration.


Few hours later my friend Peter arrived with the „Best Paramotor Car in the WORLD“ (check the Video if you haven’t seen it yet) and I was really happy to meet him again after this long time.

We stopped flying because the wind got stronger and the ice was really slippy. After the lunch we continued Parawaiting and I took a little sleep next to the camp fire.

Even without flying we had much fun and it was never boring. It was great to see so many people I met last year in Boden, Sweden and also to meet so many „new“ people from Norway, Finnland and Sweden. Everybody was speaking more or less english so we had not really problems to communicate.IMG_6610

The wind protection wall was perfect. Really nice ideaIMG_6612

Here I have some more photos



The weather forcast for saturday wasn’t as good, but the wind calm down a few times so we were able to make some more flights. I made no photos this day, so I’m really happy that I got permission of Robert Westerlund to show you his photos.  Normally I make photos for all other pilots, so it’s also very nice to see some photos of me flying the BGD Luna.

One time when we had to much wind a pilot offered me to try his snowmobil. I never did this before and can tell you I had very much fun. We started at the lake and I was directly allowed to drive it myself, he was sitting behind me. They have special snowmobil tracks everywhere in the forest and on the lakes/rivers. We climbed a mountain and I had a nice panorama view from the tower on top of it. When we arrived at the skislope he said „Maybe it’s better if we change the seats“. On the video it doesn’t look this steep but I was really happy that we changed the seats and I was still alive when we were down =). When we arrived back on the lake he told me to push a bit more and we were driving nearly 100km/h. Really nice toy when you live in an area were you have much/long time snow and ice.

In the afternoon it started to snow a little bit. But at least I had again some nice flights and started to get comfortable with the Adventure XRace200 from my friend Peter.

In the evening we watched a 50 min movie about the Svanstein Paramotorträff in 2013 made by Bengt Enbuske.


Sunday morning I woke up sun shining in my face. I made more flights with the Adventure XRace and the BGD Luna and started to feel really good with it. I was able to improve my skills and managed to make some nice photos and videos.


This are some of the Wingmount Photos I made in Svanstein.

Unbenannt1The Wingmount is a magnetic mount to place
the GoPro in the Glider. Great tool for video and photos. For more information click on the photo below.




I also flew up to the mountain where I was the day before with the snowmobile and made some photos of the meeting, the other flying pilots and a panorama of the nordic landscape.

Here you find the interactiv 360° Panorama

At midday I told myself you should stop when it’s best, so I helped the Tandempilots and prepared the gliders, looked if the passengers closed the helmet and seatbelts…

Mat tried the Bruce Goldsmith Design Luna today and I was able to make some nice photos

This day we directly eat lunch on the lake and after that we started to pack everything. A journalist from the local newspaper came to me and asked me where I come from and if I’m alone here. I told here „No, I’m not alone, I have all my friends around me =)“
She looked really confused =)
I think its hard to belive for people who never felt this. It’s great to travel a few tousand kilometers away from „home“ but still feel like coming home.
For me, Life could be a never ending Paramotor Meeting.
Big thanks to Mrs. Berglund for permission to publish a screenshot of the newspaper.

I went back with Tommy to Lulea and stayed there 1 more night before flying back to Germany with SAS.

Arrived 10pm in Germany with my selfmade big bag including glider, helmet, boots… (all together 32kg luggage) and it was possible to go outside in T-Shirt. After these days in Sweden I enjoyed the sun and temperatur here much more =)20140407_221325

I want to say Thank you to all the people make this trip possible!!!

Especially Tommy and family for giving me a ride and a place to sleep

My friend Peter for borrow me the Paramotor

Patrik and team for organize this great event and writing so long to me on facebook till I booked the flight =)

The Snowmobil-man for teach me to drive this great toy

Martin from Svanstein Resort for the fair price for room and all the food

All the pilots I met last year, was very nice to see you again and of course also all the pilots I met there the first time. I felt really welcomed!