Tutorial Paraglider Paramotor Brakeline knot – Palstek knot for brake handle

Deutsche Version: https://paramotorgermany.com/2021/01/04/anleitung-gleitschirm-motorschirm-bremsleinenknoten-palstek-knoten-fur-den-bremsgriff/

Since I myself was already often enough before the problem not to remember how to create the brake line knot correctly, I have created this video. So that you can also benefit from it, I show here how to create the palstek knot, which is usually used for attaching the brake line to the brake handle on paragliders and paramotors. Since you can easily undo the knot again, it is also great for the speed bar.

If you loosen the knot a little bit you can easily fine tune it for the right length. Very important: You must not shorten the brake lines arbitrarily. Too short brake lines can dramatically change the flight characteristics of your glider and can be very dangerous. If in doubt, consult your flight school or the manufacturer.

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