Thank you all for an awesome year 2014

Photo by Axel Köngeter


I want to say thank you to my family and all my friends worldwide, doesn’t matter if we know each other for many years or just meet this year, doesn’t matter if we only meet one time in the year or nearly every day.

I want to say thank you for getting the chance to meet so many great people this year.

I want to say thank you to Josef from Paralon for the great support and cooperation.

I want to say thank you especially to Bruce Goldsmith for trust in me. Proud to be part of the BGD-Family.

I want to say thank you to all the other people and company’s that supported me this year like Vaavud and Kingtide.

I want to say thank you to all the pilots flying with the Wingmounts all over the world!

This year was EPIC, so many travels, so many great people, so many great memories.
You can’t buy this feeling with money!

I wish everybody to get at least once in a lifetime the feeling when you travel a few thousand kilometers away from home and people welcome and host you and you feel like you know them for many years.
You’ve never been there, but it feels a bit like coming home.

Especially in the last week around christmas, when looking back what happens this year I also think a lot about the people that had not so much luck this year. Just because I know very well that its not self-evident that yourself and your family are healthy I am very grateful and my thoughts are with the friends who are not doing so well.
Please inform yourself or contact me about stem cell and organ donation. There are too many people that worry about a loved one and wait for help.
This year I got a letter that the stem cell recipient in the Netherlands I donated too in 2013 left the hospital and is well up.
Its a bit strange but also great feeling to know you give someone else another chance.
I love to look back to this great year, but also looking forward to a new year 2015.

Many ideas in my head, many projects planed, already the first flights booked.

Thank you Kai Thumser from Adventure Deutschland for the trust in me and the cooperation, can’t wait to share the great feeling of flying with my friends and other people with the Adventure FunFlyerBi

Just booked today the flights to visit my friends the Acro Malaguitas in Spain in 2 weeks and also flights to Sweden for the Svanstein Paramotormeeting in the arctic cirlce are confirmed.

So it seems like 2015 could be another great one.

All the best and always happy landings

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