First flights of the year

20150106_085217Happy that I was able to make my first flights for 2015 today. In the morning (very cold) I did a 50km triangle with the Adventure FunFlyer and the BGD Luna. I was happy about the high average speed of 51km/h so I was back on the ground after 1 hour.
The landscape didn’t look so beautiful cause everything is grey and dark brown now, but the distance view was awesome. Was able to see the Alps =), this is not very often possible from this place.

In the afternoon I wanted to visit a friend who has a place where we are allowed to do a bit low level flying, but he went freeflying so I will visit him another day and drive again to „my“ airfield to do another flight, this time footlaunched with my Rodeo and again the BGD Luna.
I have not photos cause the GoPro video file was damaged =( But the Sunset was awesome! Looking forward for maybe more flying at the weekend and next Thursday I will fly to Malaga to visit my friends in Spain. Hope for more flying with better temperatur at the Costa del Sol.20150106_163324

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