Exhibition @ Coupe Icare 2013

Hier gibts ein paar Bilder der Messestände am Coupe Icare 2013. Es waren sehr viele Motorenhersteller (außer Fresh Breeze) mit Messeständen vertreten und auch einige Motorschirm Piloten zum fliegen vor Ort.Here I have some photos of the exhibition stands at the Coupe Icare 2013.ParajetMany other Brands 

Saint-Hillaire at night

Have you ever had this feeling of beeing at home but you´ve been many kilometers/miles away? You´ve been sitting together with people you met for the first time just hours ago? But you feel like sitting with good friends around the campfire? I think there is something special in the Paramotor Community. You can be … Saint-Hillaire at night weiterlesen