Paramotor Meeting Waldzell 13.12.2014

Saturday 13th December I hit the road to Austria for the last Paramotor Meeting of the year. Together with my friend Nico we arrived after 4,5h driving on the field near Waldzell, Austria. It was a bit windy and I thought it will be a bit bumpy in the air cause the landscape is not … Paramotor Meeting Waldzell 13.12.2014 weiterlesen

Paramotor Meeting Svanstein Part 3

Sunday morning I woke up sun shining in my face. I made more flights with the Adventure XRace and the BGD Luna and started to feel really good with it. I could improve my skills and managed to make some nice photos and videos. Also I flew up to the mountain where I was the day … Paramotor Meeting Svanstein Part 3 weiterlesen

Paramotor Meeting Svanstein Part 2

The weather forcast for saturday wasn't as good, but the wind calm down a few times so we were able to make some more flights. I made no photos this day, so I'm really happy that I got permission of Robert Westerlund to show you his photos.  Normally I make photos for all other pilots, … Paramotor Meeting Svanstein Part 2 weiterlesen

Paramotor Meeting Svanstein 2014 Part 1

First I have to say, sorry for me english, I decided not to write german so more people can read this report. For more questions feel free to contact me. My trip to the north started 5.30am in Thursday morning. I travelled with the train to the airport and took the plane from Stuttgart via Copenhage … Paramotor Meeting Svanstein 2014 Part 1 weiterlesen

Who cares about temperatur when it´s flyable =)

Endlich war ich wieder fliegen. Letzte Woche ging es auch mindestens 2 mal gut, allerdings nur an den Tagen an denen ich keine Zeit hatte. Richtig schön war es laut Fliegerfreund Andi (ja du hast es bereits das ein oder andere mal erwähnt) am Mittwoch. Die beiden glücklichen Piloten konnten einen herrlichen Blick auf die … Who cares about temperatur when it´s flyable =) weiterlesen

Exhibition @ Coupe Icare 2013

Hier gibts ein paar Bilder der Messestände am Coupe Icare 2013. Es waren sehr viele Motorenhersteller (außer Fresh Breeze) mit Messeständen vertreten und auch einige Motorschirm Piloten zum fliegen vor Ort.Here I have some photos of the exhibition stands at the Coupe Icare 2013.ParajetMany other Brands