Paramotor Meeting Waldzell 13.12.2014

Saturday 13th December I hit the road to Austria for the last Paramotor Meeting of the year. Together with my friend Nico we arrived after 4,5h driving on the field near Waldzell, Austria. It was a bit windy and I thought it will be a bit bumpy in the air cause the landscape is not … Paramotor Meeting Waldzell 13.12.2014 weiterlesen

Bene and Bruce Goldsmith Design

Like you've seen I stopped flying my Ozone Speedster a few month ago cause I found a new glider with a handling I like even more than my Speedster. I started to test fly the BGD (Bruce Goldsmith Design) Luna end of 2013. After many great flights and much fun BGD offered me to get … Bene and Bruce Goldsmith Design weiterlesen