Paramotor Meeting Svanstein Part 2


The weather forcast for saturday wasn’t as good, but the wind calm down a few times so we were able to make some more flights. I made no photos this day, so I’m really happy that I got permission of Robert Westerlund to show you his photos.  Normally I make photos for all other pilots, so it’s also very nice to see some photos of me flying the BGD Luna.

One time when we had to much wind a pilot offered me to try his snowmobil. I never did this before and can tell you I had very much fun. We started at the lake and I was directly allowed to drive it myself, he was sitting behind me. They have special snowmobil tracks everywhere in the forest and on the lakes/rivers. We climbed a mountain and I had a nice panorama view from the tower on top of it. When we arrived at the skislope he said „Maybe it’s better if we change the seats“. On the video it doesn’t look this steep but I was really happy that we changed the seats and I was still alive when we were down =). When we arrived back on the lake he told me to push a bit more and we were driving nearly 100km/h. Really nice toy when you live in an area were you have much/long time snow and ice.

In the afternoon it started to snow a little bit. But at least I had again some nice flights and started to get comfortable with the Adventure XRace200 from my friend Peter.

In the evening we watched a 50 min movie about the Svanstein Paramotorträff in 2013 made by Bengt Enbuske.


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