Paramotor Meeting Svanstein Part 3

Sunday morning I woke up sun shining in my face. I made more flights with the Adventure XRace and the BGD Luna and started to feel really good with it. I could improve my skills and managed to make some nice photos and videos. Also I flew up to the mountain where I was the day … Paramotor Meeting Svanstein Part 3 weiterlesen

Paramotor Meeting Svanstein Part 2

The weather forcast for saturday wasn't as good, but the wind calm down a few times so we were able to make some more flights. I made no photos this day, so I'm really happy that I got permission of Robert Westerlund to show you his photos.  Normally I make photos for all other pilots, … Paramotor Meeting Svanstein Part 2 weiterlesen

Paramotor Meeting Svanstein 2014 Part 1

First I have to say, sorry for me english, I decided not to write german so more people can read this report. For more questions feel free to contact me. My trip to the north started 5.30am in Thursday morning. I travelled with the train to the airport and took the plane from Stuttgart via Copenhage … Paramotor Meeting Svanstein 2014 Part 1 weiterlesen