Paramotor Meeting Svanstein Part 3


Sunday morning I woke up sun shining in my face. I made more flights with the Adventure XRace and the BGD Luna and started to feel really good with it. I could improve my skills and managed to make some nice photos and videos.

Also I flew up to the mountain where I was the day before with the snowmobile and made some photos of the meeting, the other flying pilots and a panorama of the nordic landscape.
Here you find the interactiv 360° Panorama

At midday I told myself you should stop when it’s best, so I helped the Tandempilots and prepared the gliders, looked if the passengers closed the helmet and seatbelts…

Mat tried the Bruce Goldsmith Design Luna today and I was able to make some nice photos

This day we directly eat lunch on the lake and after that we started to pack everything. A journalist from the local newspaper came to me and asked me where I come from and if I’m alone here. I told here „No, I’m not alone, I have all my friends around me =)“
She looked really confused =)
I think its hard to belive for people who never felt this. It’s great to travel a few tousand kilometers away from „home“ but still feel like coming home.
For me, Life could be a never ending Paramotor Meeting.
Big thanks to Mrs. Berglund for permission to publish a screenshot of the newspaper.

I went back with Tommy to Lulea and stayed there 1 more night before flying back to Germany.

Arrived 10pm in Germany with my selfmade big bag including glider, helmet, boots… (all together 32kg luggage) and it was possible to go outside in T-Shirt. After these days in Sweden I enjoyed the sun and temperatur here much more =)20140407_221325

I want to say Thank you to all the people make this trip possible!!!

Especially Tommy and family for giving me a ride and a place to sleep

My friend Peter for borrow me the Paramotor

Patrik and team for organize this great event and writing so long to me on facebook till I booked the flight =)

The Snowmobil-man for teach me to drive this great toy

Martin from Svanstein Resort for the fair price for room and all the food

All the pilots I met last year, was very nice to see you again and of course also all the pilots I met there the first time. I felt really welcomedDSC_0379

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