Best Birthday =)

After 2 hours sleeping I was driving to the airport for the first flight from Stuttgart, Germany to Zürich, Swiss. After changing the plane in Zürich we flew 1600km to Malaga, I had some great views over the Pyrenees: My friend Manu picked me up at the Airport in Malaga and we directly drove to … Best Birthday =) weiterlesen

Paramotor Infinity Tumbling by Manu Malaguita

Awesome Paramotor ACRO with Manu Malaguita Tejeiro last week. Never seen something like this before! He tested my Wingmount with all the Maneuvers, Infinity Tumbling, MistyFlip, Sat, Helico, Fullstall, Wingover... Have Fun!!! If you like it share  with all your friends =) Manu MALAGUITA on Facebook and

ParamotorGermany in Spain 2014 2.0

Just had an incredible awesome day yesterday. Flying with Manu Malaguita in perfect condition. See the first time a Infinity by Paramotor in real life =) More photos and videos coming as soon as I´m at home